Living with Ceramics

Contemporary humans beings are surrounded with mass produced objects.  These can be found in any big box store and there is very little attention to unique design and voice. In recent years, we have seen a boom in craft design.  A desire for the beauty of a hand crafted object is on the rise and leading the charge is ceramics.

I moved to Texas in the Summer of 2012.  It was a particularly hot August so I decided to compound that heat by hanging out next to a kiln.  I delved deep into ceramics learning all I could about different firing techniques and building methods.  Somewhere along the way the big Texas sky with it’s technicolor sunsets seeped into my heart and became part of my visual language.  Sitting in sun warmed fields I trained my eye in the subtlety of color and fade as day turned into night.

This is the nucleus of my ceramics, to hold the sunset in your hand.

With a simple cup or vessel the objects we interact with work to enhance our lives.  When people choose to bring my pottery into their home it becomes a character in their life. Buying  handmade objects connects the collector to hand of the maker. When you bring that work into your home the maker becomes part of that story.

A few months ago on Instagram collectors of my pottery started sharing photos of how they live with the work.  It was delightful to see the pottery have a life of it’s own with a new family.

Let’s take a look inside the lives of the living pots.